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Happy Passover – for peace and happiness

Passover comes early this year. But anytime is a good time for Passover.

Passover to me is about hope. It’s about celebrating freedom and new beginnings. I love how families come together to tell the ancient story of the liberation of the Jewish people from the tyrant Pharaohs. As usual in the Jewish history its a story where few fought against many. A story of faith winning over.

As fit for the holiday of Spring, in Passover Israel is ever so beautiful filled with flowers of all colors.

Thankfully, Israel today is standing strong. On the eve of this Passover, President Obama visited Israel and facilitated the renewal of Israel’s relations with Turkey.Israel reached out to Turkey and both agreed to mend ties in light of the deteriorating situation in Syria.

As the battle between Assad and rebels in Syria rages on, it gets closer and closer to the border with Israel. This morning IDF soldiers in patrol came under cross fire from Syria. As as result the IDF shot a missile and destroyed the shooting post in Syria.

The situation is very fragile and highly explosive and the area in the Syrian side of Ramat Hagolan is becoming unmanageable and infiltrated with radical elements.

But Israel will prevail like the Jewish people have been doing for generations and more. Our strength lies with our people and here is a great example from Ben Gurion University – a unique way to say Happy Passover.. enjoy!

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Innovation is what keeps Israel in the front for 65 years

Israel is a land of contrasts – ancient and modern, dotted with biblical sites and high tech corridors of innovation.

It’s the innovation that drives Israel forward for 65 years. Innovation at every front – defense technologies in the IDF and beyond, medical breakthroughs, technology inventions and argriculture R&D. Israeli innovation is impact daily lives of people all over the world without them realizing that..

Israel is bursting with new technologies and the amount of startups in this tiny country tells that story. The Technion was ranked in sixth place in the world for entrepreneurship and innovation in a survey conducted by MIT. So we can expect much more to come out when it comes to innovation and Israel.

Egypt’s Parliament Declares Israel as Num 1 Enemy

Egypt’s Islamic dominant Parliament unanimously voted on Monday in support of expelling Israel’s ambassador in Cairo and halting gas exports to the Jewish state.

“Egypt will never be the friend, partner or ally of the Zionist entity [Israel] which we consider as the first enemy of Egypt and the Arab nation,” reads the text of a report prepared by the Arab Affairs Committee of the People’s Assembly, the lower house of Egyptian parliament.

The move, which came in response to the events in Gaza and Southern Israel, was described as flimsy” by Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Chairman Mohamed Mursi, “emotive” by majority speaker Hussein Ibrahim, and “unconnected to realities on the ground” by Farid Ismail, secretary-general of the assembly’s Defence and National Security Committee.

There is a growing distance between the government in Egypt and Parliament with both sides accusing each other of incompetency in running the country.

The rift is evident between the secular and religious factions in Egypt. While the secular youth ignited the revolution in Egypt, the Islamic forces have hijacked the cause. Just this week, Egyptian artists have condemned a decision by Cairo University to ban the screening of an Oscar-winning Iranian film under pressure from Islamic students who said it propagates Shiite ideas.

Another proof comes from Sinai, where armed Bedouins are surrounding the peace keeping forces demanding the release of five Egyptian terror suspects.

While there are many voices in Egypt today, we cannot ignore the Parliament decision. The Egypt-Israel peace treaty is on shaky ground, Gaza is just an excuse to rattle it.

While Egypt may support Hamas, it is unclear if Hamas is able to exercise control over Gaza. Despite reports on truth, Palestinian terrorists keep on launching rockets on Israel cities. Yesterday’s Dry Bones’ cartoon said it nicely – the world can be a beautiful place if it weren’t for evil people.

Help Israel and the IDF win the next fight with the Flotilla

In the year that passed since the terror organization IHH tried to “break the siege” on Gaza while attacking IDF Navy soldiers, the Turkish group has been plotting a rerun of the event. This time around, IHH plans to have many more ships from all over the world all trying to set sail into Gaza.

There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and Israel delivers all goods through regular channels. If the flotilla was about delivering aid to Gaza Israel would gladly accept the aid and deliver it to the people in Gaza. But this flotilla is not about aid – it’s about hate towards Israel and about trying to create a provocation against Israel. It’s about denying Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state.

Jewish leaders across the world are pressuring European countries not to allow Flotilla ships to set sail. That pressure seems to be working as the French Flotilla group announced their ship will not sail to Gaza. Even Turkish Foreign Minister acknowledged that in light of the newly opened Rafah crossing the flotilla is not necessary and urged the flotilla organizers to reconsider. The Turkish IHH group is scheduled to announce their decision within a few days.

While we hope the next flotilla will indeed be smaller, this is an ongoing battle. The battle field is online and social media is the weapon of choice.

If you’d like to help Israel in this time of terrorists provocations and help avoid the next attack on Israel please take a few minutes to look at the individuals listed below. These people are the global support base of the Flotilla movement. took the time to identify those that raise funds for flotilla activities, support terror organizations like IHH and Hamas and blindly act against Israel no matter what. They use their Facebook accounts to spread heir hateful anti Israel message.

These are the faces of the new web 2.0 antisemitism – please log into your facebook account and report these users for abusing Facebook to spread hate and antisemitism.

Click on each NAME link to reach the relevant facebook profile to report. Click on the report link on the bottom left hand side of the profile page. When you click on the report link a small window opens up. Please choose the “Inappropriate profile information” option and then choose the 2nd option in the drop down menu – “contains hate speech”.

Time is of the essence here – the more complaints Facebook receives the more they’ll look into the issue and make it harder for these people to spread their anti Israel hate message.

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