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Independent Patriot

I tired to send this but it keeps coming back..perhaps you can forward it for me..

t is beyond reality to think that a crime such as the Holocaust is something of little note in modern history. In fact the mere decision to exculpate those who committed some of the worst crimes in history only shows the need and continued recognition of the horrors of the Holocaust. In fact it is the realization that it could only have been accomplished with the complicity of the general population that is the true lesson of the Holocaust. Individuals must be held to account, for without the individual actions the Holocaust could never have happened. To whitewash the crimes of those involved does a disservice to those that were slaughtered merely because of how they prayed to God or their ethnic progenitors. I do not presume to know what the true motivation of your politicians happen to be however with the dramatic increase of antisemitism on the European continent in recent years it is inexcusable to ignore one of the most evil antisemitic events in history. In fact it is time to teach about this event with even more vigor and review whether Europeans actually have grown past their own historical ignorance and hatreds. Unfortunately recent polls have found that Europeans today are following quite happily in the footsteps of their grandparents. Shame on your country for even accepting this idea as viable.

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