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This is a cowardly act. Were is the outrage in the Mass Liberal Media?
When Israel defends herself and a child is killed (never deliberately) the Media don't waste any time attacking Israel. But when Hamas deliberately target children, they keep very quite.

Harold Tobin

Once again the world stands by while the terrorist Hamas attacks Israeli school children. G-D forbid if it had been the otherway around it would have complete media coverage.


Typical of the scum that the Hamas terrorists are that they could stoop so low as to attack a school bus with innocent school children onboard. Thank Hashem, that the casualty count was not more severe.
I curse the international press for not reporting this incident in bold front page banner headlines, but they only ignore the cause of Israel's justified retaliation. They are quick to condemn Israel for its swift re-action to this naked aggression. Of course the U.S.,the U.N., Britain, the E.U. and the Israel-bashing Jewish intellectuals and universities around the world,-Our "Friends", will be quick to condemn Israel,but say nothing about the heinous act of terrorism perpetrated by Hamas.I'm sure that the Arab-loving majority in the "Security Council" of the U.N. are devising ways to further denigrate Israel, And to encourage all members of the U.N. to intensify sanctions. These terrorists should be seen for what they really are. That is: The scum of the Earth!

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good point, Glauca! The just don't want us to know about this


Good point, Glauca. I am sick and tired of the decades of whining and whinging from the Hamas scum. I do hope that Israel destroys Hamas utterly if Hamas insists on vamping up the number of rocket attacks as they have threatened (what is it I read today? They threatened to send 400 rockets a day to attack Israel?) G-d bless Israel, and its people for suffering in long patience the atrocities visited upon them by an ignorant scum people - Hamas. By the way, how many Hamas people have contributed anything to this world? None, nada. Whereas ther have been 169+ Nobel Prizes awarded to Israeli people, or Jewish people. That's a pretty damning piece of evidence as to what the scum are - 169 to 0! Bless Israel and all its people, including the many peaceful and happy Arabs who thank their God that they are living a good life in Israel. Go, IDF, Go! Kick the scum into the sea.

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