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Antonio Al Masri

Everyone reading this must do anything they can to spread the word to bring this issue to justice AND anything possible to bring justice to the people behind it.

Barbara Oberman

Philippe Karsenty has done the world an enormous service
and I personally think that he is a very brave and heroic
man to take on the forces at work in this lie.

Allyson Rowen Taylor

Bravo Philippe and to all the supporters of the truth! A long hard fight for truth by a true hero.

johnny kosher

i think this is an important verdict to get out but im sorry to say that the youtube clip is terrible. we dont see who is speaking, it doesnt seem official, nothing is cited, and so on. something professional and academic should be produced. not a cartoon that comes off like bad propaganda


Finally the truth, a light of honesty, this news must spread if for no other reason to cast the news media, in the eyes of the public, for the liars they are. Bigoted, pro evil liars.

Kudos for all the hard work that went into exposing this.

John Turner

If only this could get as much exposure as the original hoax!

Chaya Eitan

FINALLY! But will the mainstream media take notice? I suggest that everyone who reads this here send it to a whole bunch of their friends and tell them to do the same.

yuval Brandstetter

The next truth that needs to come out is the hoax of the Palestinian identity. It never was, it was manufactured as a tool of the islamo-Nazi jihad to bludgeon the Jews, just like the Al-Dura hoax, and the Deir Yassin hoax.


Please do not confuse us with facts. No one is interested in truth when it comes to accusation of Jews. Remember who crucified Jesus? Yet, for 1,700 years the Jews were accused of killing him. So there is nothing new under the sun and even if the Palestinian killed Muhamed Al-Dura, it is the Israelis who took the blame.


It's about time that the truth is told and the Arab claims are shown to be nothing but filthy lies.

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